Studio legale Pisani RomaThe Law Firm Pisani, before reaching the actual structure, was created and developed around the experience of academic and professional Prof. Atty. Nicola Pisani. Traditionally, if the firm deals, primarily, of all issues pertaining to criminal law criminal law with particular attention to economics and business. Specifically, the Firm assists companies and private entities in relation to problems of imputation of the entity's criminal and administrative liability as well as in the preparation of organizational models and the criminal law of financial markets. The study thus provides legal assistance and advice to companies out of court, small, medium and large, in relation to the legal profiles, organizational, technical and managerial on adapting to the rules under legislative. 231/2001. Within this activity are also included the development of compliance procedures and the establishment of oversight.
Among the main activities of the study are also counted in the advice and assistance of medical negligence, with particular attention to issues of responsibility of the physician and health facility. Qualified experience in corporate crime, Tax, and bank failures and accidents at work.