Prof.. Atty. Pisani

Criminal lawyer admitted to the Bar Association of Rome from June 1994. By the Supreme Court 2008.
Studies and Work Experience: University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1991). After practice at the Chambers of. By Joseph Zupo 1991 to the 1994, was a consultant at law firm associated with Ernst and tax & Young. He specializes in criminal law oriented firm having its own area of ​​professional interests on issues of attribution of criminal responsibility in complex organizations and, particular, on the administrative responsibilities of the bodies from crime. In this regard, oversaw the drafting of several organizational models under the Legislative. 231/2001 and in the field of corporate crimes, bankruptcy, Tax, Labour and cd. medical negligence.
It is the defender of public and private managers involved in processes for bankruptcy crimes, Company, financial and safety at work. Is, also, The plaintiffs in numerous legal proceedings for bankruptcy and corporate crimes. It is also involved in processes related to the violation of safety rules for workers. Defends in numerous criminal trials in health and safety of workers, with particular reference to safety in the field of transport companies. It also performs his professional activities in the area of ​​criminal offenses against public administration, and assisting individuals that public bodies (Municipalities, Province), that constitute a civil.
It, also, component of supervisory bodies set up pursuant to Legislative Decree. n. 231 of 2001 (Aqueduct Lucan S.P.A., Federterme, Association of Confindustria).
He consults on money laundering and combating the phenomenon of wear in favor of credit institutions.
Associate Professor of "Criminal Law of the economy" at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Teramo, and the Commercial Criminal Law Course Degree in Economics and management of Sports, the same University. Joint Lecturer in postgraduate courses at the DIA. He collaborates with some important Italian legal journals, including a quarterly journal of criminal economic law, Tax Review, Bank stock and debt securities. From 2006 is Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Law Commercial, Faculty of Law, University of Teramo. He is currently coordinator of the PhD in 'Criminal Law of the economy and the environment based at the University of Teramo.
Languages : English, German, Spanish.